Question Of The Day: Fictional Marriage Party

Maybe those chips that I had for breakfast wasn’t my smartest idea, but they were delicious. As my tum grumbles in displeasure, my attentions turn to frog butts with eyes on them and the strangeness that is all over Twitter this morning.

Oh you know….

While I am kind of “meh” about marriage, I know a lot of people are really into it. Two pairs of friends are soon to be wed and that’s pretty cool and stuff, I guess. I get to go to Hawaii for one of set of chums and then I think I am watching some other friends get married in a backyard or something. They probably won’t wear shoes or something because they are hippies and maybe they’ll tangle their dreads together to “become one.”


So anypoop, over thar on the Twitters, people are going bananas about professing their Fictional Characters I Want To Marry. Mabey you have a fictional dream boat that you want to set sail with into the sunset of forever in love, y/y? I do. I think we know where I am going with this, right? No? Well let me show you some of my hot tub lovers:

My Dean

Mai Castiel

Look: I know I post WAY to many Supernatural gifs but just let it run it’s course and then we can all go back to whatever else I was posting a lot of before. I just need to let my feels run all over. That is all.

So who from pretend land would you want to marry? Tell me things and post gifs and then we can confetti. That is all.

Who is fictional wifey-boo/hus-bear?