Question Of The Day: Have You Ever Had To Tell Someone ‘You Need To Stop?’

Today has been a busy day. I was mostly off since the beginning of the day, traispsing about with Sara Scoggins to magical land that is Downtown Los Angeles. We drove around for a spell and craned our necks skywards to look at the tall buildings that we would be inside for meetings and such.

We were really high up and having mimosas that made our heads hurt because sugar is the devil. Anyway, we weren’t really up to anything other than hearing how to use website stuff and Warped Tour things. Warped is going to be a hoot and a hollur.
I akshually stopped to smell the marigolds. Or are those carnations? IDEK

Today’s Q comes from the land of Twitter. There is a trending topic over yonder that’s called #StopTalkingToMeIf and I wanted to know if you all have ever had to stop talking to your franz and what the reasons were.

If you are like me and constantly a grumpus, then maybe you stop talking to people just because they bother you. That really isn’t true. I have only had to stop talking to a few people, ever. I am a rather private person and for some strange reason, they decided to meddle in my affairs and what have you. It was annoying so I basically was all:

And then I was all:

And so that was basically it. If you get in business when I don’t want you to, I will kindly tell you to be gone.

What about you? Have you ever had to tell someone “You Need To Stop?”