Question Of The Day: Cute Bunny Appresh Post + Easter Stuff

Hey Buzznet! It’s almost Bunny Day! That means that we will now have some posts with bunnies in them doing bunny stuff! Take a peek at this cute s**t right myah:

I just – I can’t

What’s that? Bunny flavored soda? Tastes like cute!

Bunny Teleportation Tubes: They’re a thing –

Fortress of Solitude:

And there are your bunny appresh gifs. I hope you have enjoyed. It mostly took me all the hours to find them for you and I am pleased with my bunny search skills.

In other news, it’s almost Easter. This is the time of year when a rabbit lays eggs and you find them and then there’s chocolate/jellybeans/random junk in them. It’s mostly a good time, minus all that dumb, pretend plastic grass that’s inside your Easter basket. That mess gets everywhere and you find it days later in places where it shoudln’t be, like the china cabinet.

Look at that plastic grass. I’m pretty sure it ends up in the ocean and kills dolphins 🙁

I guess Easter is like, this even older holiday that had to do with wood nymphs or the worship of some other elder god from eons ago or something. But then I guess some people that had a new god were all like, “No u guise can’t do that anymore so here’s a different tale that you all can celebrate at around the same time” and then the natives were happy. Way to go, everyone.

I am not even really upset at that, I am more upset that my mom is cooking a ham. Ham is gross. It SWEATS and it’s pink and no.

If you didn’t know, the Buzznet Storytellers are doing an Easter assignment that you can find by going to this post. You should do it because it’s awesome. If you are too __adj.___ to do it, you can answer these Questions of the Day:

What are you doing for Easter?

Fave thing about Easter?

Most awesome Easter memory?

Yay! Multiple choice! You may answer them now. Have a splendid day and such! Hop around, like so: