Do You Prefer Oreo’s Cookie Or The Creme?

When I was a kid my brother totally hated me, for a variety of reasons: I would steal his clothes, crash his backyard bonfires and try to make his older friends fall in love with me (it never worked.) I can totally remember the day that I ate my way through an entire bag of Oreo cookies. This isn’t the only time this ever happened.

My brother was mad because I ate my way through the bag of cookies. But I actually only pulled the cookie in half, ate all the creme out of the center and then put the two ends back together to put what was left of the cookie back in the bag then back in the cupboard.

He would later find the bag of creme-less Oreos and come find me…he was never happy.

Needless to say, my fav part of the Oreo cookie is the creme.

Do you guys have a any embarrassing stories about trying to get the cookie and the creme separated?

(Don’t lie and act like you have never eaten a whole bag of these goodies-I know you have!)