Nail Art Secrets From The Coolest Nail Artist In Austin!

Nail Art is so happening right now, especially within the world BUZZNET. My nails might be a hot mess at the moment, but I sure do love looking at photo after photo of beautiful nail art. From studs and glitter to intricate drawings and messages, nail design has absolutely become a trend that will only grow in popularity. While Buzznet may have hundreds of nail photos posted, never once have we heard first hand from a real life artist! Luckily, Meghann Rosales of Nails Y’all in Austin, TX was kind enough to answer a few of our burning questions. Check out Meghann’s interview in the gallery below and feast your eyes on a sampling of her amazing nail designs!

See more masterpieces from Nails Ya’ll on their website HERE!

And if you’re feeling extra inspired or ready to send a challenge Meghann’s way, comment below on what nail designs you’d like to see next. BUZZNET will be down in Austin next week for SXSW, so we’ll be stopping by Nails Ya’ll to get the full treatment!