Music Monday: White Arrows

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I failed to do a MM last week, but I have a great excuse! I was going to do this week’s artist last week, but then found out they had an album that I hadn’t listened to yet! So, I had to soak up the album for a whole week and now it can be blog worthy, and not to mention my latest obsessed with arrows!

Music Monday: White Arrows

Just like Kassidy, I’ve had White Arrows chillin’ in my Spotify playlist for a while now, not listening to them. Finally, over the winter, I decided to finally light a candle and listen to them for once. I was insanely impressed. There upbeat tune and awkwardly worded lyrics just happened to drag me into their fandom. OBSESSED!

Thanks to Spotify, I am sharing with you the ultimate White Arrows playlist! I am reallyreally lovin’ Get Gone and Roll Forever.

What do you think?