Music Monday Is NO April Fools Joke!

Here’s another music monday playlist for you guys! A little new music and a little old for your April Fools Day listening pleasure.

Speaking of April Fools Day…. be nice and don’t play any jokes that are TOO mean! Seriously, I am so on guard come every April 1st and for good reason. Once upon a time my darling little sister decided to play the meanest joke on me! I was completely oblivious and insanely gullible as she preceded to start a pregnancy rumor about herself! She had me going for a solid five minutes as I FREAKED OUT and tried to think of what in the world I was possibly going to tell my mother…..until she started dying laughing while screaming ‘APRIL FOOLS APRIL FOOLS!! AHAHAHAHAHA’ and what was even worse was that she had me on speaker phone in a room full of people!

As if THAT wasn’t enough, I later found out that she had called my brother right after me and told him a pregnancy rumor about me and then HE freaked out for a good five minutes before she broke down and told him it was an April Fools joke! I mean she just executed two perfect pranks back to back like a pro. All that said, I’m very wary of incoming phone calls now on this little holiday known as April Fools day. Especially from my sister.