Mimi K’s All Star Month Blog – MY Favorite Tv Show

Buzznet always has the best ideas for contests, assignments and stuff, this is why I love this place so much.

I think this is such an amazing project and it’s really hard for me to pick one an only one thing I love since I love TONS of things, the most different things ever but this time I would try to don’t be banal, obvious and boring so I tried to chose something I love probably not all of you know.

Well, I really love watching tv shows, even though I CAN’T watch any single of them, since I was young I tried to follow as much as I could and obviously I fell in love with them almost immediately. Of course I grow up and not all the tv shows are eternal so most of them are ended, others I’m just watching right now in rerun, I have a few in my list as favorite but I have to say that there will never be another tv show as CHARMED.

The first episode, in Italy, has been broadcast on Decemeber 22, 1999.

I was 9 years old and I completely fell in love with this tv show.

For who doesn’t know what talks about, it’s the story of three sisters Piper (Holly Marie Combs), Prue (Shannen Doherty) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) who discover to have magical powers (also their mother and Grams were witches) and they will have to fight against demons and warlocks. Thanks to the magical powers their lives reunite and they became the Charmed ones, the Power of Three. When Prue will die, Piper and Phoebe will discover to have a step-sister, Paige (Rose McGowan), born from the relation between their mother and her whitelighter.

I have to admit that I was completely obsessed with this show, and I still am haha

I know each episode by heart and now I’m watching them again for the millionth time.

It’s the second female tv show most long-lived of the history. It had the first place till last year, when Desperate Housewives stole the top with just two episodes more than Charmed.

I love this tv show because is super funny, never boring, original, fresh and with a great story.

It’s not easy to be creative after eight seasons, trying to introducing new characters and keeping the main ones always in the centre of the story.

I remember I used spending hours with my best friend watching the episodes, playing with the official boardgame, creating our personal quiz about the show, dubbing the episodes, writing a notebook (that I still have) about the show with episodes reviews, photos and stuff…

I really hope to have the time to buy the comics about the 9th season, the novels and one of the boardgames about Charmed that I still miss.

My favorite character is Piper Halliwell.

This is one of my favorite quotes about her in the 18th episode of season two called: “Chick Flick”

I love this character because I reflect a lot in her. Even though she’s a witch and married with her whitelighter Leo (Brian Krause) she wants to live the most normal life possible and sometimes she wants to renounce to her power for being a normal woman.

I love her character because she’s such romantic, she’s married with an angel and she’s really stronger, even though sometimes she seems scared, but especially after Prue’s death, she becomes the older sister and she has tons of responsabilities more than before.

I love also her powers: freezing the time and also exploding things.

It’s impossible for me to choose an only one favorite episodes, even though I always say it’s: “The Day the Magic Died” (5X15) when Piper’s first baby born because it’s super funny, exciting and emotional.

I love also: “Sin Francisco” (3X18):


“Chick Flick” (2X18):

Sense & Sense Ability” (5X20)


My CHARMED stuff:

Charmed season 1-8

Charmed special “The Women Of Charmed”

Charmed The Best Of CD [made by another Charmed fan I met on a Charmed forum several years ago]

Various Italian magazines, posters, cds with photos/videos and stuff

Personal notebooks about Charmed episodes

Personal notebooks about Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs

When I was in high school when I have fashion&design lessons we always went in laboratory and we had to wear the smock, I drew on the back Piper, Phoebe and Paige (I don’t know where I put the smock otherwise I’d show it to you)

For me Charmed will always be the best show ever and I simply can’t get enough.

I just finish my blog saying you:

The Power Of Three will set us free