Love It Or Leave It: Miley’s Body Chain

If Miley Cyrus has proved one thing, it’s that she is not predictable. Whether it’s her relationship, tattoos, her hair or her style, she makes wild choices. Pretty much the only thing that is consistent in Miley’s look is her body chain. The starlet, 20, rocks this sexy accessory everywhere, from the beach to red carpets, and it’s been with her since before the infamous chop! It may not seem like an everyday piece for the average gal, but Miley is anything but average, especially when it comes to fashion.

The way Miley accessorizes is great. She wears her clothes and jewelry, they don’t wear her. The body chain may seem over-the-top, but she wears it in the pool and to the gym, she’s not too precious with it. That does beg the question, though: how often does she clean that thing?!

What do you think of Miley’s favorite accessory? Would you wear a body chain?