Miley Cyrus In New Music Video

Blink and you could miss her! Miley Cyrus‘ album hasn’t dropped yet, but she is making an appearance in a new music video. The singer, 20, is in Tiffany Foxx and Lil’ Kim‘s video for their song, “Twisted.” Miley doesn’t seem to sing in the new song, and she is only on screen a few times, so she may only be in the video to show her support. She does get a shout-out towards the end of the song, so it could be a sign of what to expect on Miley’s album.

Liam Hemsworth‘s fiance has been in the studio recently with producers like Pharrell, so it’s safe to say her album will probably have some hip-hop elements. Maybe Tiffany Foxx or Lil’ Kim may lend their talents to a Miley song in the future!

What do you think of Miley’s part in the new video?

UPDATE: The video got pulled from YouTube, but here is the preview: