Is This Michelle Williams Native American Inspired Magazine Cover Offensive?

Here we go again! This past year there have been some pretty degrading uses of Native American culture including No Doubt’s Looking Hot Video and Victoria’s Secret’s look for Karlie Kloss. I gotta say I did not expect this one from the generally classy Michelle Williams.

Upon first glance I don’t actually think it’s all that bad, just some braids and feathers. I don’t think that stylists should be forbidden from using cultural inspiration when putting a look together, but I do think that they should be verrrrrry careful when they do.

Here are some things that AnOther Magazine didn’t consider:

1. “There’s No Place Like Home” on the cover. Yeah, probably not a good idea to lightly mention the concept of “home” while dealing with Native American iconography seeing as they were ousted and pillaged of theirs.

2. L. Frank Baum, the author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is known to have written really horrifying things advocating the extermination of Native Americans.

I understand that we can’t expect stylists to do hours of research on the political background behind their inspiration. But when dealing with sensitive subject matter they should (like any good politician would) expect controversy, boycott, and ultimately expect to have to issue an apology.

What do you guys think? Are you seriously sick of seeing this happening over and over again? Or do you think cultural inspiration has it’s place in art (to a certain degree)?