Mariel Loveland’s Tour Dairy + WIN Her Favorite Sunglasses

Hi All!

I’m sitting in a gas station somewhere between Utah and Nevada. We’re on our way to Salt Lake City and the last peg of the March Radness Tour.

Like the name, this tour has been pretty rad and I got to cross the country for the first time by car. I’ve seen the deserts and the mountains and I finally understand that Best Coast song about missing home. I have to say I am growing less fond of our minivan.

Missing home is a weird thing for me because I never quite miss my bed or my room. Of course I miss my family but I’m never away long enough to really miss them awfully until now. Mostly I just get nostalgic for things I remember not really liking based on the changes in weather – like my first year of college or ex boyfriends I can’t stand. The weather changes a lot when you drive across country in Spring and I never quite know what day it is.

Before we hit the cold parts of the country we had the chance to play SXSW and steal What’s Eating Gilbert away and take them on the road. SXSW was great! I got to play with Lemuria at the Bridge 9 showcase, hangout with Chad and Hayley for a hot minute and see Paramore and Tegan and Sara, who’s new album Heartthrob we’ve been obsessed with. Paramore played some new songs and let me tell you – the new album will be their best yet.

After SXSW, we headed to California where we finally got to play the legendary Chain Reaction. Two tours we’ve been on (Man Overboard’s “Pop Punk the Vote” and New Found Glory’s “Sticks and Stones Anniversary Tour”) have gone through there but we’ve never made it. So finally after looking at all the pictures of my friends playing there, we got to play and it was amazing! I was beyond thrilled to see how many people new the words to our new ep. That always makes me feel good.

Before the show I met up with Buzznet and had a lovely lunch (tomato soup and grilled cheese – lemme just have my comfort food on tour!) and we went shopping. Like every tour, I had lost my sunglasses. It took me a shockingly long time this tour to misplace them. Anyway, I picked out a brand new pair that I feel goes really well with the flower crowns I’ve been wearing lately and we got an extra pair for one of you guys to win!


That’s it! Keep the tweets coming until Friday March 29th, 2013 & we will pick one lucky winner 🙂