Get To Know: Echo Park

New bands desperately want the attention of music bloggers. Writers are constantly bombarded with links to listen to and “Hey, check us out!” tweets. Most budding bands never get written about (for a good reason) but, thankfully, there are a few exceptions which keep us listening.

Echo Park are one of those exceptions. Despite only forming last year, they’re already beginning to shape their own signature sound. The band are currently recording their debut EP which is already becoming a release to look forward to.

When listening to a band in their infancy, it’s simply a relief that their songs weren’t recorded in a garage (if they were, it certainly doesn’t sound like it). However, it would be insulting to describe Echo Park as “not bad” because they’re actually rather good.

Keep an eye on these guys. Their following won’t be this small forever.


WHO: Echo Park are Laurence, Michael, Jordan, Max, James

FROM: Guildford, Surrey, England

GENRE: Pop/Rock

SOUNDS LIKE: Jimmy Eat World, Hundred Reasons and Kids In Glass Houses (according to the band)



What do you think of Echo Park?