Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye

So every weekend I have been posting some homemade face masks for you guys to try out and I thought I would switch it up a bit this week. Instead of treating your face I have decided to show our lips some lovin’! Now I don’t know about you, but I feel like my lips are always chapped. I am always putting on Chapstick and trying new products all the time. Over winter break I decided to do some research and make my own lip scrub at home! I found one that I fell in love with and guess what, it worked! It is so easy and simple and it tastes yummy too 🙂

What you need:

A few drops of olive oil (depending on how much you make this will vary)

A few drops of honey

Brown sugar

Mix all the ingredients together and scrub away! Rinse of with a little water and your lips will feel smoother than ever!

The reason this works is because it is exfoliating your lips, something we don’t always think of doing. You can use this scrub on your body and face as well for some extra exfoliating in the dry winter months!