Justin Bieber Loses His Shirt Again…Borrring!

Ok, honestly, Justin Bieber just needs to stop. Yeah, I get that he is an international pop-star and can basically do whatever he wants, but this whole no shirt thing is just getting ridiculous.

We’ve seen the Biebs shirtless so many time in recent weeks, you might start thinking he’s prepping to join a nudist colony…LOLZ.

His most recent chest display was in Lodz, Poland as he was going through airport security. Nevermind the fact it was 14 degrees outside or that the airport spokewoman told Reuters, Justin wasnt asked to strip down to his skin.

“He wasn’t told to take off his clothes. He had no metal objects on him,” she confirmed. “He’s quite skinny, so I assume he was probably freezing.”

LOLZ…sounds like Justin is a little too fond of peacocking for the camera!

Do you think Justin is a super dork for his recent display of flesh?