The Hilarity That Is Adam Young

Adam Young is known for being the leading man in Owl City (and in my dreams) but for those of us who follow him on Twitter, we get to see another side of Mr. Young that is humorous yet somewhat feisty. I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff (or his dreamy lyrics) but whatever’s going on in that noggin of his is by far the most original I’ve ever seen. He’s flowing out hits and epic tweets that have me laughing out loud in public and saving them to my favorites for whenever I need a good laugh. Some may call him a little peculiar, but we love him just the way he is. 😀

Let’s all marvel over the hilarity that is Adam Young.

Oh yeah, and here’s a laughing owl to set the mood:

Follow Adam on Twitter @owlcity.

Which tweet is your favorite?

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