Hear It First: Meet The Beat Kidz

I really have always been a fan of so many different genres of music since I can remember. I can blast some Britney Spears then slow it down to some Elvis, pick it back up with some Hip Hop then dance my butt off to some Skrillex. I think music not only can fit your mood but it can alter your mood…and no matter how bad or good you are, everyone loves to dance right?

I feel like some of the best music to party to is the dub-step/techno genre. Even if you are not in vegas at a crazy club, you feel like you are, hence why Skrillex is a genius. I was impressed when I stumbled onto an old friend’s new project called The Beat Kidz! The group is made up of drummer, Duncan Johnson and Nico Nendez who delivers bass heavy music through original tracks and remixes. It is an amazing mix of live drums with a fun up beat DJ keeping you pumped through he whole performance.

SO… take a look at this video and “Meet The Beat Kidz” and if you like what you hear, buy it HERE!

What do you guys think? You like it?