Giveaway Alert And Q&A With: Caroline Manzo!

Win a signed copy of Caroline Manzo‘s new book, Let Me Tell You Something! All you have to do is follow @CarolineManzo, @ashleeholmes and @Buzznet on Twitter. Next, you must tweet this:

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The winner will be chosen and announced on the 17th of this month! Happy St. Patrick’s Day indeed!! 😉

Also, Check out my quick Q&A with [ my aunt ] Caroline Manzo below! We touch on her new book as well as Season 5 of Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’.

It’s emerging artists month this month at Buzznet. Do you ever keep up with upcoming designers/musicians/artists? Do you have a favorite?

CM: I try, and no, no favorite, I’m pretty open minded so I have no particular pattern as to what I like from one day to the next.

Speaking of upcoming artists, You’re officially a published author! Congratulations! Is being a published author something you ever expected to happen for yourself?

CM: No, never! It just goes to show that life is full of surprises!

Is there anything in this book that the readers might be surprised to find out?

CM: I think “Let Me Tell You Something” will surprise the reader with it’s candidness. No smoke and mirrors here, I tell it like it was and is.

Your good friend Kelly Cutrone has written a couple of books herself. Did you ask her for any advice during your writing process?

CM: Yes! As a matter of fact I did and she is solely responsible for helping me find my cowriter!

Can you officially confirm for us that you will be featured on Season 5 of RHONJ?

CM: I sure am and I have the gray hairs to prove it.

How has the filming process of RHONJ Season 5 been going so far?

CM: I mention my gray hair when I answered the last question?

Do you watch any other shows that are on Bravo?

CM: I try to – Bravo is my “work family” so I like to stay in the loop.

Word on the street is that Greg Bennett has moved! A lot of fans were sad to hear this. Can you tell us why?!

CM: He did move, but not for any reason other than a new exciting job opportunity that came to him. We gave him a really nice going away party and we miss him already. Thank God for Twitter!

Describe Season 5 in one word.

CM: Unpredictable!

What’s next for Caroline Manzo?

CM: Who knows, just riding the wave….. ;o)