French Manicured Nails With A Twist

It is no secret how obsessed with nail art I am. I am always thinking of what I can get done to my nails next and looking through pics of nail designs. I decided to share some of the amazing pics I have been coming across. Get used to it because I am going to be posting a lot of galleries like this! I love different nails. I don’t think I have ever had my nails just painted a solid color. I always need at least one thing that makes them stand out. This time I decided to take a look at a different twist on your basic french mani, you know the white tips. These nails are so cute but still classy. They add a little color and sometimes design to your average french manicure. I think it’s good to spice things up every once in a while! Take a look through the gallery and comment on which one is your fave design!