Fall Out Boy Crush The Crush Management 2013 SXSW Showcase

Although we all knew it, last night Fall Out Boy was the surprise guest for Crush Management’s showcase at SXSW. The line-up was pretty diverse if you look at how it began compared to how it ended. The showcase featured some charming country acts and then ended with one of the most recognizable “emo” bands of the last decade.

Aside from seeing FOB, a loved Butch Walker’s live show. Some of you may recognize Butch has he has worked with tons of artist and most recently lent his talented hands to Fall Out Boys’ forthcoming album Save Rock & Roll. I had never seen Butch live and he was incredible. He performed with tangible enthusiasm and sold the entire crowd with his charismatic presence and witty banter. He is a very talented musician; the kind of live performer that makes you believe he was born to be on the stage sharing his stories. I suggest seeing him live if you have the chance.

As the evening drew closer to 1 am (yep I had another late night) the 1K-ish capacity club was brimming with anxious fans. Thankfully New Politics went on right before FOB and kept the crowd psyched and warm as the night crept past midnight. Just like I experienced a month ago, FOB hit the tiny stage with tons of energy. Enough that I imagine would have been able to power all of 6th street.

While I felt the band’s energy was on par with the LA show, there were a few things that were noticeably different. The set list was (understandably) much shorter; but I would have exchanged the “Beat It” cover for “Grand Theft Autumn” any day. The crowd was older; SXSW attracts a much older audience, creating a noticeably different level of crowd participation. There was plenty of singing along, but not nearly as much dancing, jumping and crowd surfing. Maybe we’re all just getting older, but the floor was not going off the way it was in LA. Interesting to see how a crowd’s involvement can be drastically different from city to city. I however, danced and sang my little heart out – don’t worry guys. Fall Out Boy makes it impossible for me to stand still. As I mentioned in my post about the LA show, as musicians they have evolved and bring a new level of excitement to their live show than didn’t see in them a few years back. They seem thrilled to be back at it.

I am psyched for FOB to play more shows so all of you can catch them live and then come back and tell ME about it. I can’t believe I saw FOB twice in two months in small clubs.

All photos courtesy of Matt Vogel.

So long live the car-crash hearts. #musicrules.

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