Emerging Talent: ZZ Ward

Sadly, Emerging Talent Month is coming to an end ,but I enjoyed learning about such great new talent! The last artist I’m going to show you is a singer I have been very fond of for the last new months named ZZ Ward.

ZZ Ward’s debute album “Til The Casket Drops” was released in October of 2012. Her music can be described as a mix of blues, hip-hop and soul. To create such a unique sound, ZZ uses many instruments like guitar, piano, hermonica, etc. If you are a Pretty Little Liars fan, you might have heard her song “Til The Casket Drops” on the show’s comercial.

Here is ZZ Ward’s first music video for her song “Put The Gun Down”.

I have been listening to ZZ Ward non stop for the last few months and there is literally not a bad song on her album. In the future, I can see ZZ being admired for her unique sound. If you haven’t already, go check out more of ZZ Ward’s music. You won’t regret it!