Emerging Talent: Twenty One Pilots

This past Saturday I headed down to the beach with my girlfriends to soak in the California sunshine. On the ride down my friend was being Spotify DJ and played this incredibly catchy, melodic song that I had never heard before so I immediately turned to her and said “Who is this?”, she shouted back “Twenty One Pilots“. I couldn’t believe that the music I was hearing was the Fueled By Ramen band that Hayley Willams from Paramore is constantly promoting. To be honest, I just assumed they were another pop-punk band signed under the label.

Man, was I wrong… Twenty One Pilots is an extraordinary band filled with thought provoking lyrics, melodic choruses and hip hop talk like verses. The band is made up of singer/ songwriter/ pianist Tyler Joesph and drummer Josh Dun. To continue my interest, I put on their latest record Vessel to really give them a chance and see if I would enjoy more than just their single “Holding On To You”. Opening track “Ode To You” gives you whirl wind of musical styles, moments I felt like I was listening to a Eminem song, then a Foster The People song, next a Muse style beat and onto a Skrillex song all while remaining an infectious pop transitions throughout.

Twenty One Pilots is band you should absolutely check out in 2013. I’m kicking myself on the fact that I just discovered them this week and I missed their LA show from end of February. (Which I heard was UNREAL) So do yourself a favor and pick up their record ‘Vessel’ out on Fueled By Ramen now. Get into it.

Are you a fan of Twenty One Pilots?