Emerging Talent Month: Q&A With Magic Wands

Emerging Talent Month is officially underway! This month, we here at Buzznet are committed to bringing you the best in new music, fashion, pop culture and everything in between.

When I heard about Emerging Talent Month, I was ecstatic! I immediately went into action and snagged a few interviews with bands that you’ll be buzzing about within the coming year. There’s something about fresh new talent that I can identify with. We all start somewhere, and with the right people behind us we can do amazing things.

This week we get to ride the lovewave with our favorite new duo, Magic Wands!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I discovered Magic Wands here on Buzznet. I stumbled across their “Teenage Love” lyric video and I remember saying “I must own this!” and scouring NYC for their debut album, Aloha Moon, to no avail until I finally ordered it online. I have a feeling that won’t be happening anymore. With their song “Black Magic” as a part of the Victoria’s Secret campaign and various television shows using their music in their storylines, the world is about to fall under their spell.

I had the privilege of interviewing this cosmic duo on dreams, influences and what you can expect from them on their upcoming EP due out this spring! This is one band you’re gonna want to keep on your radar!

There’s a ‘magical’ story in how you guys came to be. Tell us a little about the formation of Magic Wands and what the momentum was like between the both of you.

– CHRIS: Dexy and I met on the internet via MySpace. We spent a summer on the phone and mailing each other music. After a couple of months of that, I flew out to see her in LA and magically got her to come live with me in Nashville. The cross country drive was really inspiring for us and influenced the music we made on our first EP.

DEXY: I really liked the songs Chris had and he liked my music so we kind of knew we had to join forces and make music together.

You describe your sound as “lovewave,” which becomes evident within the first few seconds of listening to Aloha Moon. There’s also a hint of pixie dust in there mixed with some 80’s new wave. Who are some of your influences and how have they shaped you into the artists you are today?

– CHRIS: I have been listening to healing music and frequencies these past few years and have sought out music and artists that use them, like Jezebel Decibel and Mountain Mystic 9. I also like traditional classic songwriting, things that are really short and simple with choruses that can be any era of music. For the band it’s crossing those two ideas and putting it through a hazy, magic, love, and dreams filter.

DEXY: We set the themes for our songs which include: fantasy, magic, love, and dreams. I think our influences are a culmination of all those and the experiences we shared with each other when we first got together.

Being an emerging artist is a very distinctive time in a band’s life. What are some pros and cons of being at this stage in your careers? What have you learned since the band’s formation?

– CHRIS: We know where we want to be musically, there is an obvious pop thing we like to do and there are also the more experimental songs too. Getting a good balance of both, we enjoy having the freedom to do what we like.

DEXY: When Chris and I first met we did everything ourselves, mostly at home. This included music, art, videos etc. We sort of compromised that when we got involved with a bigger production situation on the record. It led to a four year gap between our first EP and the album. We got lost in a vortex and ended up with two versions of Aloha Moon. We have a better idea now of what we’re going to do for our second album and we are excited about it.

It’s been almost a year since your debut, Aloha Moon, was released. What can fans expect to hear on this new EP that you are working on?

– CHRIS: The sounds we are using on the new EP are raw and lush, a bit different from Aloha Moon.

DEXY: The EP is going to be somewhat different from Aloha Moon. We were writing at home until 3am and all of the songs were written very spontaneously. We are about to go into the studio to record so we want our fans to expect the unexpected. Get ready to ride the lovewave with us.

What do you hope people will take away from listening to your music and seeing a live show?

– CHRIS: What we do revolves around a love theme, so when we record or play, fans should get that in some way.

DEXY: Most of our songs have a feeling of being in motion, traveling through time and space. We’d want people to feel like they’ve taken a ride somewhere and made a connection with the music.

Dexy, in an article with Elle, you mentioned that you had an “out-of-body experience” about a year ago. You even tried to recreate that dream into your “Space” video. Do you think that some dreams can lead us to our destiny if we have the courage to follow them?

– Dexy: From my own experience, to make your dreams a reality you have give up your comfort zone and live out on the edge. Dreams can’t just be a hobby you pursue on the weekends. It’s something you have to live out everyday even if it means making a sacrifice.

If you weren’t a musician what would you be pursing now?

– CHRIS: I have no idea, I’ve been doing music for so long, maybe going out at night and spray painting positive messages around the city.

DEXY: We’d probably both be into some sort of field of healing. As a hobby I also enjoy making videos for my friends’ bands. I’ve been pursuing music since I was a child so I can’t imagine doing anything else. I like to live in the present moment.

Just throwing it out there, name a few bands you’d kill to be touring and/or collaborating with.

– CHRIS: I’m still trying to master working with myself and the band.

DEXY: We’ve actually done some collaborations with friends’ bands. Most people I’d like to collaborate with aren’t around anymore, mostly artists from the 60’s and 70’s. It would be a dream to go touring with Fleetwood Mac or Depeche Mode.

As you know, it’s Emerging Talent Month here on Buzznet. Know of any up-and-coming bands that we should keep on our radar?

CHRIS: Red Sun Red Sea and Jezebel Decibel

DEXY: Lately I’ve been listening to music that dates back a bit too far to be considered ’emerging.’ I do know there is a lot of good music out there in the works, mostly some friends’ bands who are in development.

Finally, any last words of inspiration for our readers? 🙂

DEXY & CHRIS: Spend less time on the computer, the world is outside your door, be in the now, choose love. Join the lovewave!

Click here to listen to the new “Space” remix by Michael Creange & WEKEED exclusively on Buzznet!


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