Emerging Talent: Mindless Behavior

I have noticed some Buzz going around lately (no pun intended haha!) about this group called Mindless Behavior. Someone had mentioned them here in the office and I didn’t really look into them. Shortly after, I noticed all the lovelies who started following me recently on social networks had been ranting and raving about them so I gave them a listen.

These boys are adorable, they remind me of a modern day Jackson 5 mixed with the energy of a current pop boy band.

They seem to have a huge following and a ton of views on their Youtube videos so I had trouble picking which one to use but this one was my favorite…

I am personally a HUGE fan of dancers and these kids have it down, so impressive. I think they are all under 17 too which is insane, talk about emerging talent!!

So what do you think, are you a Mindless Behavior fan?