Emerging Talent: Julia Martin Covers Sleeping With Sirens

Hey Music Lovers,

As you know we have been doing TONS of amazing posts on emerging talent this month! I am BEYOND excited to share this one with you. This talented girl goes by the name of Julia Martin. She just so happens to be my little cousin! I have told her since she was 3 that she will make it and judging by these videos, I am right.

She not only has taught herself guitar and has taken voice lessons over the years, she can write her own songs! She’s still in High School and does this as a hobby she wants to pursue! I am proud beyond words and know you will all love her so definitely check her out! Here is a great cover she did of ‘Let Love Bleed Red’ from the boys in Sleeping With Sirens!

Here is an ORIGINAL from her that I LOVE:

So…What do you think? Do you like her voice?

If you like what you heard, let her know on Twitter HERE!