Emerging Talent: Forbidden

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Natt is one of the most inspirational bloggers and artists I have met on Buzznet. She’s only been here for almost a year and she has already created so many wonderful posts.

Her words and drawings are very relatable to us in a different way. You can always see a part of your life being described in her page. She blogs many issues related by teenagers and young adults- from body image, self-harming, to bullying. Natt is passionate about creating art, so she wouldn’t miss out on blogging about poem and music and posting her drawings.

Life Is Like A Puzzle
Faith and Hope
Just Breathe

Be Strong

Hidden Feelings

This talented artist not only lifts us up with her inspiring posts, but she also shares what inspires her! She’s a huge fan of Outcast Youth, an alternative rapper from Liverpool, UK. In addition, she’s done interview with Mary Courage, a singer-songwriter from Sweden and Facundo, a survivor of depression from Argentina.

She also creates inspiring videos such as Just Breathe- Support Video spread in which she spreads hope, love and light t every soul who is in need of these :]

Natt is particularly good in writing lyrics and she posts them up to share it with us. “I Swear” talks about holding on to your hopes, stopping self-harming and staying alive. Another song, “Unlimited Love” is about tearing down the walls built within yourself and freeing yourself, just like how a phoenix rises from the ashes.

Follow this young messenger of love and light on Buzznet or hit the like button on her Facebook page and sail with her in her journey to change people’s lives for the better!