Emerging Talent: 3rd & Union

I couldn’t be happier that it is Emerging Talent month here on Buzznet! For this Emerging Talent blog, I’m going to show you an amazing country duo I’ve been hooked on the past few months called 3rd & Union.

3rd & Union is a country duo from Nashville, Tennessee consisting of vocalist, Palmer Lee, and vocalist and guitar player, Chase Coy. Palmer and Chase’s voices go hand-in-hand, creating a very soothing and relaxing sound. Their songs are also extremely catchy. I constantly catch myself randomly singing one of their many songs.

One of my favorite songs off of their debut album titled 3rd & Union is a song called My Love. The song has such a beautiful and relaxing sound and it’s also a perfect love song. Have a listen!

If you want to hear more from 3rd & Union, you can buy their debut album on ITunes. It is also on Spotify! In the next few years, I’m expecting to see great things come from 3rd & Union, so keep an eye out for them.