Emerging Band: The Neighbourhood

Emerging Talent Month is officially underway! This month, we here at Buzznet are committed to bringing you the best in new music, fashion, pop culture and everything in between.

The Neighbourhood are one of my favorite new obsessions. I swear I almost titled this post Welcome to The Neighbourhood! Did You Bring Your Sweater? Good thing I didn’t! Bahah! Go here to get to know them. Since it’s Emerging Talent Month, I’ve decided to feed you guys more music from The NBHD! Scroll down below for all the hotness!

The NBHD just unveiled a brand new video for their hit, “Sweater Weather,” today! Check it out below:

The Neighbourhood – A Little Death by theneighbourhood

Sexy time!

Click here to stay up to date with The Neighbourhood. I Love You will be released on April 23rd.

What do you think of the new version of the “Sweater Weather” video?

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