Emerging Artist To Watch: We As Human

It’s getting towards the end of this wonderful month of Emerging Talent on BUZZNET! I’ve been getting to know a lot of cool bands thanks to you guys and I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the new bands i’ve brought to you.

Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite little gems of a secret. I know you guys are probably going to ask me why I didn’t introduce you to them sooner. I can honestly see them heading out on Warped Tour in the future!

I first got the chance to catch We As Human perform when they were out on Winter Jam last year. I was interviewing some bands at a couple dates and working merch and they caught my eye every time. They are refreshing and hard core with a indie flare.

They are currently signed with Altantic Records and are hitting the road with RED. Not to mention they caught the eye of Skillet frontman John Cooper!

So go check them out on Facebook, Twitter & iTunes to stalk their lives!