Emerging Artist: 15-Year-Old Stephen Bonugli

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For my first Emerging Talent Month post I decided to stray away from music and dive into the world of visual art. I give credit to anyone who can draw, paint, sculpt or anything else having to do with visual art. I think it is so amazing to be able to look at something and create something new. When I first saw this 15-year-old, Stephen Bonugli‘s drawings I was so taken back. How can a 15-year-old draw like that?! These drawings literally look real. I can’t wrap my mind around it! If I tried to draw someone’s portrait, lets just say it would not look like that…at all.

Stephen has always been interested in the arts. He draws and also has a passion for film and video production as well (you can see some of his fun little videos on his YouTube channel). This kid has big dreams and he will be going far, so remember the name! I put together a gallery of his most recent sketches of artists, they are simply amazing. Below is also a vid of him drawing Rihanna, it’s sped up and mind blowing so you NEED to take a peek at it!