DSDS 10th Season – Episode Twelve Recap

19 hours before the performance.

Piero, Simone, Thomas and Kevin “Sag mir quando, sag mir wann”.

Piero and Simone are helped since they are Italian, even though I have to say Piero speaks Italian perfectly while Simone has an accent, this means Piero constantly talks Italian while Simone doesn’t!

Thomas had problems with lyrics just like Kevin. Bill compliments with Simone also for the look but Piero brought the performance at the highest level.

Lisa, Talina, Diyana: “If You Had My Love” by J.LO.

I wanna ask if anyone over here doesn’t know this song. It’s first J.LO’s smash hit ever! But Lisa has several problems with the lyrics also reading the text! O.o

Diyana has been really good: great vocals, great pronounce! Tom spends good words on her.

Talina for me wasn’t so good but Mateo says her she was ok and Lisa def was the worst. “You were no more than a sweet young girl!” says Dieter.

Micha, Bojan, Bjoern, Ricardo Schwarz: “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie.

They are so sweet, they prepared also a choreo hahah Mateo enjoys the performance a lot XD

Only Ricardo didn’t convince the jury.

Micha receives compliments by Bill, which tells Bojan to be a super candidate but Dieter didn’t like the fact Bojan always smile and pokes fun on him hahaha for Mateo, Bjoern is the best of the group.

8 hours before the performance.

Susan, Jennifer and Lara: “Don’t Get Me Wrong” by The Pretenders

Jennifer is really nervous, Erwin supports her. So lovely!

Lara obviously gets wrong at the end, DAMN!

Tom compliments with Susan, she’s the best of the whole group of contestants. AGREE!!!!

Mateo says Jennifer she forgot few lines of the song, but I didn’t notice, she was enough pro to doesn’t show it! “You have talent!” adds Dieter.

Unfortunately for Lara, her problem is the memory as Dieter tells her.

Erwin, Denis, Timo, Wincent: “Back For Good” by Take That.

Dieter pokes fun on Denis. Hahaha I can’t stand that boy, his voice is horrible! Dieter 4 President XD

There’s a little fight between Denis and Erwin. I would like to know if there’s someone Denis likes.

Mateo thinks this is the best performance at the moment except for Denis, Dieter is agree!

Wincent was really nervous though.

Dieter compliments with Timo, this time the boy impressed the judge and he’s happy!

Bill says Erwin there were some problems and then the boy will say Bill is rude! Wait, what?

Also Denis is angry for what Dieter said and acted but damn, you know how Dieter is, keep calm!

10 hours before the performance.

Nora and Tim: “I Had The Time Of My Life”

Dirty Dancing is Nora’s fav movie and she’s nervous.

The performance doesn’t start good. Tim has several problem, poor guy. He starts again but the judges seems agree to say Tim sucked even though the performance was good for Tom.

Dieter says Nora is her favorite and the girl will be furious with Tim in the end.

9 hours before.

Ricardo, Daniel aka Mr.Styling .-., Rene and Kevin.

Damn, no! I can’t watch Daniel. What the hell he’s wearing? A pair of US flag printed leggings really really tight, he looks like a ham and constantly touches his jewels!!!!! JUST NO!

Once again Daniel has problem with the guitarist and starts a hilarious scene, Bill and Tom can’t stop to laugh XD

Ricardo receives a lot of compliments from Dieter. “You have a beautiful voice”

Daniel is desperate! .-.

8 hours before.

Laura, Sarah Joelle, Aline, Fairuz: “Missing” by Everything But The Girls.

A contestant worse than the other ones, OH GOD!

Dieter: “It’s been a catastrophe! Laura you seem a scared little mouse, Aline you forget the lyrics!”

It starts raining and the judges leave the table.

Then it’s time to give some prizes to few contestants and send home other ones.

Susan, Piero, Timo and Ricardo have been the best and they had the opportunity to spend few hours with Dieter in his villa and having dinner with him. SO GOOD!

Lara, Thomas, Denis, Aline and Laura have to leave the competition.

For Fairuz, Tim, Daniel and Sarah Joelle there’s a second chance.

Cas Albo – Day 3

Maurice, Timo, Tim and Kevin: “Drops Of Jupiter” by Train.

Dieter compliments once again with Maurice and is glad Kevin is ambitious.

Bill seems to don’t be agree with the other judges. There were a lot of problems about the text and he didn’t understand what they were singing. Dieter replies him there are a lot of superstars that when comes in his office start to sing with the lyrics.

By the way the performance was good and the boys dive in the ocean for celebrate.

Micha, Piero and Bjoern: “She Believes (In Me)” by Ronan Keating.

Mateo wasn’t so convinced by Micha’s performance. Dieter adds: “It’s a shame since at the auditions you rocked!”

Sarah Joelle has always something wrong. This time she hurt her foot because she didn’t see a stone in the sand hahah SORRY BUT I CAN NO LAUGH XD

She duets with Ricardo on “Imagine” by John Lennon.

For the very first (and probably last) time Tom liked Sarah Joelle.

Ricardo once again receives tons of compliments from Dieter: “It’s obvious you became my favorite!”

Last performance.

Sergen, Simone, Ricardo Schwarz and Lucas on “Forever Love”.

Once again Ricardo forgets words and Dieter sends him home.

For Bill, Simone is the best of the group, also Lucas did a good performance.

Which is your favorite moment/performance?