DSDS 10th Season – Episode Thirteen Recap

Fairuz, Jennifer, Lisa and Talina: “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia.

Mateo compliments with Jennifer: “You’re voice is amazing!”, Tom didn’t find Talina so good; Bill says Fairuz to concentrate and studying more.

Lisa admits her part of lyrics was bigger than the others .-.

18 hours before.

Rene, Wincent and Bojan “Some Nights” by FUN.

Sincerely I think they are better than FUN. For Mateo the performance was really cool and compliments with Bojan, a very entertainer! It was so good for Rene and also for Wincent though L

18 hours before.

Beatrice, Diyana and Oksana have to sing a schlager song, Beatrice is happy while Oksana is scared for the style.

Mateo is focused on the performance and Oksana forgets the lyrics: “Ich will LA LA LA” hahaha XD

Ouch, also Beatrice forgets L ok, AGAIN!

Bill tells Oksana: “You seem a pornstar! You are cold” wow wow wow! Thumb up for Bill!

It was a good performance in general!

The candidates are in front of the judges.

Another day is ended and it’s time to say who’s gonna leave the competition.

Bill: “Oksana, for this time you can stay!”

Dieter: “Diyana there are some times I see talent in you but I don’t think you are ready for the live shows”

Bill: “Sergen, the last time was really good. We discussed a lot but for us your journey ends here!”

Mateo: “Wincent, also for you, we discussed a lot and unfortunately you have to leave!”

Also Rene ends his journey at DSDS.

Tom: “Talina, we have decided to give you a second chance!”

Dieter: “Lisa, the sun is going down but you stay as well!”

The last 24 candidates celebrate in the ocean. Tomorrow is another day.

Talina and Tim: “We’ve Got Tonight”.

Dieter: “Tim, this time you did a great performance and I heard a lot of feeling!”

Also Talina receives compliments this time and both are really happy!

Jennifer and Erwin: “To Make You Feel My Love”.

Jennifer has the lyrics in her hands, Dieter is really disappointed by her. Ouch!

7 hours before.

Beatrice and Piero: “Sommerwein” by Claudia Jung.

Mateo welcomes them saying: “The two schlager masters!”, the two sing again after Bad Driburg 🙂

Bill: “It was an ok performance!” and also the other judges express positive comments.

7 hours before.

Daniel and Sarah Joelle: “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley.

It’s Daniel’s birthday. Dieter laughs when Daniel sings hahah so bad XD

Bill can’t stop too hahah oh God! And as usual Daniel in the end cries. STOP, PLEASE!

9 hours before.

Simone and Micha: “Sacrifice” by Elton John.

They start fine but then Simone helps Micha with the time of the song and the melody.

Tom looks Bill and starts laughing XD it was not so bad, they both sung good but when you are at this point you should be perfect!

Mateo: “It’s been a catastrophe!” [to Micha]

Dieter didn’t understand why Micha changed a lot since he always thought he was a great singer.

Fairuz and Kevin study their song at the hotel: “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz.

The girl has few problems during the rehearsals.

Mateo: “I think this is your best performance, Fairuz. Kevin, you have a wonderful voice!” also Dieter adds few compliments.

Bojan and Lisa: “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette.

The judges are happy, they did a beautiful performance and so Nora and Ricardo: “Killing Me Softly”; Timo and Lucas: “I’m Sorry” by Tommy Reeve, Oksana and Maurice on “Ja” by Silbermond.

Kevin and Jolijn: “What A Wonderful World”.

Dieter doesn’t seems convinced by the performance, he stops them. AHI AHI AHI.

Mateo: thanks but for us is ok. Bye Bye guys!

Susan and Bjoern: “Against All Odds”.

This is a PERFORMANCE! Dieter bets with Bill about this performance hahah but Bill won’t XD

Tom: “It was an emotional performance!”

Dieter: “You are awesome!”

Simone and Micha have a second chance but this last one wants to show he’s STILL able to sing. With the guitar he sings “When You Say Nothing At All”, Simone helps him with the chorus and the others clapping.

Mateo: “It’s been a beautiful performance” but it’s not enough, they already decided. Micha has to go home. Also Daniel has to leave. An unforgettable birthday!

Which is your favorite performance/moment?