DSDS 10th Season – Episode Sixteen Recap [#2 Live Show]

The contestants open the show with Scream&Shout. Awww so cool, their version is good but the original rocks! The judges come on stage with “I’m sexy and I know it” HAHA tom is really really cool with few dreads in his hair and Bill is always fucking stunning!

Nazan and Raul gives the usual codenumbers for voting the contestants.

[if you wanna check the whole episode, click HERE – thanks RTL.de]

Maurice is the first to perform.

in the introduction-video, we see what happened last week and the boy rehearsing and talking about the feeling he proved during the first show.

I love the DSQUARED2 jacket he wears *_*

The song choice is “Love’s Divine” by Seal. I’ve never heard this song before and Maurice sung it sooo good. I love his voice!

Mateo: I’m the gross bitch, here! Hahah he mentions about Scream&Shout and about Maurice singing will.i.am part. Then he compliments for his voice. Plus: he’s a great entertainer and a great stage presence.

I can’t stand the fact there are some bitches which are screaming like Dexter Morgan is killing them. PLEASE, SHUT UP! Now I understand why GRUNDY won’t stupid Tokio Hotel’s “fans” inside the Coloneum.

By the way, also this time Maurice is idolized a lot by the jury. Tom, Bill and Dieter spend awesome words for him, he has to be super proud!

The boy asks people to vote for him 😛

Why should we afraid that Raul is not with you Nazan on stage? Sometimes I simply don’t understand these phrases, personally I find them pathetic -.- by the way, he’s in contestants lounge and talk with Pietro Lombardi and Sarah, two ex-contestants of the past edition. But, all these contestant don’t have a house? A lot of them are always there, also during auditions XD

Lisa is the second one.

In the intro-video we see her to be the first to pass in the Top 10 thanks ratings plus her friends bring her car so she can drive around Cologne.

The song choice is “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones.

Not bad, even though she’s not one of my favs.

Mateo is impressed and compliments with her, such a great comeback of the girl!

Also for Tom she’s a surprise tonight. He tells her to have sung so good with a great interpretation. Bill starts to talk with a: wow! And then adds other compliments.

Last but not least, Dieter says during Curaçao she was good but not one of the bests but today she did a really good performance.

Erwin is the third to perform.

I hope he sings good today! The last two times he didn’t in my opinion!

In the intro-video we see Erwin and Lisa in sweet acts. Is this love? Wait a minute but Erwin wasn’t linked to Jennifer in some way during Curaçao? Mah…

The song choice is “I Won’t Let You Go” by James Morrison.

Ok, tonight I recognize Erwin singing. AMEN! Welcome back Erwin!

Raul asks Tim to spend few words for Erwin, the boy says he has a great voice.

Mateo tells him: “this time you did thousand times better than the last time!” oh, I’m glad to don’t be the only one to have thank it!

Tom: I think James is better than you… *burps* hahaha sorry! XD also in DSDS he burped and yaaaay this is Tom!!!!

Bill is glad he sung it better even though he definitely can better next time, yay, it’s obvious, but luckily he didn’t fail like the past times.

Dieter mentions Lisa too, and that fact that Pietro Lombardi and Sarah now are engaged and soon they get married and this could happen also for Erwin and Lisa. By the way, he says Erwin: “Chris Brown is gone, now there’s James Morrison!” XD even though for him he did a great performance!

Susan is the next one.

In the intro-video over to see a little recap of the first show, we see Susan reheasing with her vocal coach.

The song choice is “Open Arms” by Journey, by the way the version should be the one sung by Mariah Carey.

I could listen Susan for hours. God, she’s perfect!

Mateo compliments with her for the awesome voice. If Maurice also dances over singing, she is entertaining as well with her voice, full of emotions.

Tom adds other compliments saying she’s perfect. Bill is glad she dedicated this song to her husband, it’s so sweet and also he expresses his compliments.

Dieter: “she’s perfect!” and he continues saying: “in this season we have a woman power!”

It’s Timo’s turn.

During the first live show his performance wasn’t extremely good in my opinion, I hope this time he does it better! In the intro video, he meets his choreographer for preparing his new performance. But the problems continue and Timo cries during the rehearsals.

I really really love the scenography behind him during “Let Her Go” by Passenger.

Mateo says Timo is so sweety but he can do better and also Tom tells him the same.

For Dieter, Timo does better and better each show but he should be more loose on stage and not freeze on the show. The song was great and the vocals were really good. Bill thinks he’s sweet too.

It’s time for Simone’s performance.

I’m so curious about his song choice, the last time he sung really good even though Dieter didn’t like his outfit hahah so in the introduction video we see Simone in the dressing room choosing his outfit for the next live show.

“Se Bastasse Una Canzone” by Eros Ramazzotti is his song choice, yaaay he sings in Italian. The title means “If A Song Was Enough”

He makes me smile, he’s super nice!

Bill smiles too while he’s performing 😛

Mateo: “your voice is awesome! You are an amazing entertainer!”

Tom is agree with Mateo: “the outfit is cool, the song is good. For me it’s all good!” haha

Also Bill thinks the performance was really good and Dieter compliments for the style: “this style is better than the last time!”

In a little video we see the candidates having fun after the first live show with Olivia Jones.

Let’s see Tim’s performance.

During the first live show he completely rocked, I’m sure he does it again also tonight!

The song’s choice is “When Susannah Cries” by Espen Lind.

Well done Tim, you did another awesome performance for me!

Mateo tells his voice is incredible and compliments with him also about the two amazing songs he sung in these two live shows.

If for Tom was a great performance, for Bill the performance wasn’t so good, or better it didn’t impress him just like the last time and Tim is agree and says the next time he will do better. Dieter tells how he saw his concentration before the performance and also on stage and compliments with him saying his voice is amazing.

Before Beatrice’s performance, Raul lets speak her mom, really really moved and excited and proud of her daughter. The jury laugh so much when she speaks and in the end she kisses Raul hahah

I simply love Beatrice’s smile, in her intro-video she’s so smiley talking about her performance of the last episode and stuff.

Who knows if this time Beatrice will love her schlager’s performance?

Beatrice receives a surprise, her brother meets her after have been in Australia for several months, she starts to cry for happiness. HOW CUTE!

Ok, her song choice is “Ich Will Immer Wieder” by Helene Fischer.

This song is really good, it’s not so much schlager are the others, at least the beat is a little bit different and more pop. I like it eheh

Mateo thinks the performance was “geil” aka amazing and once again, he shows his tshirt with red roses, wore for her heheh he also goes to kiss her. Sweeet!

Tom forgets what he wanna say since Mateo talks too much hahah but then he says: “you make me listen schlager!” and also adds: “the only thing that annoyed me were the dancers in these weird leggings. I saw more “things” than I wanted to see!” hahahah XD

Bill: “I have to say that you are my favorite candidate! Your mom is so sweet, the performance was cool and all was super!”

Dieter says that it’s clear how much she loves schlager, she’s diligent and stuff. She couldn’t do better!

Ricardo is the last one for tonight.

Hahaha it’s so funny that in the intro video we see Maurice acts as a personal trainer for Ricardo since he has a belly too much evident hahah ok, comparing Maurice’s body with Ricardo’s one is like to shot at the ambulance hahaha

By the way, Ricardo sings on “Impossible” by Shontelle. This song is EPIC and Ricardo killed on that stage. I already heard this song on The X Factor USA and always sung it in the best of the way.

Mateo is speechless, he just says: “BRAVO!”. He also adds Ricardo has a great stage’s presence and in the end says: “RESPEKT!”

Tom is always so confident with Ricardo haha also for him the performance was really great. Bill compliments with him, he has just a little thing too say: “this outfit is a little bit too much little for you!” hahaha

Dieter: “Amazing performance, amazing song!”

It’s time to vote your favorite and after a little recap of all the performances we will discover who has to leave the show forever.

But before: Piero and Sarah perform together.

Piero tells which are his favorite in this season: Simone, Ricardo and Erwin.

Mateo thinks is right to applaud for the two hosts and spends few great and sweet words for them, especially for Nazan.

Simone, Ricardo, Erwin, Susan are his favorites.

For Tom the bests are Ricardo and Beatrice.

Bill’s ones are Susan and Ricardo. But also Beatrice. He thinks Maurice or Timo probably leave the show.

Tonight, unluckily, the contestant that has to leave the show is… MAURICE!

Wow, Bill predicted right! He’s magic 8)

I’m so sorry Maurice has to leave, he was really really great!

The jury embraces him. Such a shame L

Are you agree with German ratings?

Which is your favorite performance of tonight?