DSDS 10th Season – Episode Seventeen Recap [#3 Live Show]

Third live show is here to come.

[Check out all the videos HERE – thanks RTL.de]

Bill posts on Twitter/Facebook account a little backstage’s pic of the jacket is going to wear. WOW!

It’s time to DSDS.

Nazan and Raul present the judges. Bill and Tom are always more stunning every live show, Mateo is so cute and Dieter, well he’s the poptitan eheh

“Don’t Stop The Party”/”Feel This Moment” is the medley the candidates perform as intro since the theme of this episode is about “PARTY”.

The hosts give the phone-codes for voting the eight contestants and after a little recap of the last episode in which we have seen Maurice leaving the show leaving all the other guys impressed, we can start the party.

Simone is the first one. In the intro-video, the boy watches few videos from his fans, there are also two Italian girls, yeah, ok they are there for him. BUAAHA they are there for Bill and Tom. There are also two from Belgium.

The song choice for him is “Can’t Hurry Love” by Phil Collins.

Mateo and Tom say him to be a great singer. Bill adds he did a super performance but Dieter doesn’t seem agree with the other judges and a “booh” raises from the audience.

Simone talks in Italian asking to his Italian fan in Germany to vote for him. HOW CUTE!

Tim is the second one.

If the last time he made a little mistake during the performance but he rocked as well, this time the judges seem impressed by his performance on “Balada” by Gusttavo Lima. Obviously, that isn’t a song -.-

For Mateo the song was too much hard for him since in Portuguese and also for Tom the song wasn’t right for him.

Ricardo is the next to perform on “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish Child Mafia.

Bill loves this song and he thinks it’s the perfect song for him, also Tom appreciated the song choice.

Mateo compliments with Ricardo saying he’s his fav and liked how he entertained the audience.

Dieter dislikes the outfit though hahah yeah, it’s not really cool XD

It’s Egli time and her schlager.

“1000 Mal Belogen” by Andrea Berg is her song choice. Even though schlager is not my genre I like listening her singing on this style. She’s so cute and always with a huge smile on her face.

Bill is the one who spends the best words for Beatrice saying she’s perfect, really professional and an artist.

Dieter picked the phone call by Andrea Berg. She says to be a Beatrice fan and compliments with her, the girl thanks her in tears. Wow such a honour!

Nazan after few performances show how’s going the ratings in different cities: they picked different cities like Berlin, Cologne and the chart changes in each city.

Timo is the next one.

Viva Colonia” byHöhner is his song choice. The intro was cool, really symphonic and gothic but the rest, ehm NO! Too much schlager and German popular of festival haha not for me! XD

I’m still impressed about what he was doing in the intro video with Ricardo, Erwin and Tim, or better I didn’t understand well what they were doing. OK xD

The best moment is the Bill and Tom’s face when Tim comes to them with the dancers hahah BOW TO THE TWINS!!!

If this is their “let’s party”… ehm, ok… I have another idea of party XD

Mateo compliments with Timo for have done a great performance giving the 100% on stage since it’s a party theme episode and the boy is happy and glad to hear that.

They show a slo-mo of the epic twins moment with Timo hahaha As Mateo uses to say: RESPEKT!

Lisa’s the next to perform.

In the intro video we can see her lovestory with Erwin, the girl also says to have met few Erwin fans saying: “Erwin is mine!” buahaha LOL XD ok…

“I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li is the song choice.

Mateo doesn’t seem so impressed. For him she had to be more entertainer as there were tons of people on stage. Tom is agree with Mateo but Bill and Dieter has the same opinion. Dieter thinks she has been fantastic!

Erwin performs on “Dj Got Us Falling In Love”, once again Usher. Damn, Usher is hard to sing and Erwin continues to sing him and obviously… he can’t sing high notes, he can’t breathe right and he goes off-key!

The whole jury seems to be agree with me.

Mateo: “the only thing I loved about your performance is your tshirt!” Mateo wants he tries to change his style and singing other songs.

Also Tom says the same, and as Timo, the song choice was really hard!

Bill reminds when he sung in the auditions and he was great then during Curaçao he was a catastrophe.

Susan is the last one and let me say, she saved the show. There were just few amazing performances tonight and one is hers!

She’s so beautiful, oh God! And I love how confident she is on stage. She’s perfect!

Her song choice is “She Wolf” by SIA ft. David Guetta.

Damn, she sung it thousand times better than the original!

And also all the jury spends awesome words for her, how they could say something wrong against her? She’s a TALENT!

I hope she wins the show!

Ok, it’s time to vote and then we’ll discover how’s going to leave tonight.

Tom’s favs: Beatrice, Ricardo and Simone.

Bill’s favs: Beatrice, Simone and Ricardo. And he thinks Erwin, Timo or Tim leaves tonight

Dieter’s fav: Susan and thinks Timo has to leave.

Tim passes. Ok, the song of tonight wasn’t a song but he’s a great singer.

Well, it’s pretty obvious Susan goes through the next live show. She’s PERFECT! And also Ricardo, yay! I’m happy!

Beatrice can reach Tim, Susan and Ricardo. She passes 😉

YAAAY Simone! I love that he exclaims each time: “EVVAI!” aka “YAY” ehehe

Lisa goes through the next live show too.

As I predicted (and Bill too) Timo and Erwin are the last ones and just one will go through.

Erwin remains… well next time is yours man!

Timo’s journey ends here!

Are you agree with German ratings?

Which is your best performance / moment of the show?