DSDS 10th Season – Episode Fourthteen Recap

Last episode before the live shows. The last 20 candidates are going to sing their favorite songs in front of the jury and will try to get a place in the TOP 10.

Let’s see what happened in this episode and enjoy 😉

[Check out the whole episode HERE – thanks RTL.de]

Grote Knip – Day 5

Susan is the first to perform with “Fireworks” by Katy Perry. Def she’s 100 times better than Katy Perry.

Susan is fucking great and talent! Love her so much! I hope she can win the competition! The simplicity she sings is something of indescribable! WOW!

18 hours before the performance. The contestants tan and dive in the ocean, talk about their worries and what means live show for them.

9 hours before. Nora and Jennifer talk about Maurice, this last one discussed with Nora.

Maurice knocks Erwin’s door at 2am but he didn’t answer and he will sleep outside, under the stars.

4 hours before. Finally Erwin opens the door and talk with Maurice.

15 minutes before. Maurice rehearses his song.

It’s time of his performance on “Hello” by Lionel Richie.

Maurice explains what happen while Nora vents with Talina, Jennifer and Erwin.

Tom compliments with Maurice and for Dieter is the best he sung!

Nora sings “Give It To Me Right” by Melanie Fiona.

Mateo exclaims: “WOW” when he sees the girl 😉

I love all these performances at the moment! And I love this song!

Mateo is really focused on the performance haha.

Dieter compliments for the song choice. Nora is happy and then goes to embrace the other girls.

Jennifer before her performance expresses her thought: “This is my dream!”

How cute she is? I love her dress!

She sings on “No One” by Alicia Keys. Nora says she sings it better than Alicia Keys. This is friendship!

Jennifer is a bit worried, she did the best she could!

Simone sings on “Get Here” by Oleta Adams. I LOVE THIS SONG, OH GOD!

Bojan sings “Dance With Me Tonight”, it’s such difficult!

Bjoern chooses “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5; Erwin “Without You” by Usher: daaaaamn! You have the possibility to chose your song you like and you CAN sing and you chose one of the most difficult one?! NO NO NO! Also Kevin seems bored to sing “Forever” by Chris Brown. NO COMMENT!

Oksana (wonderful dress) sings “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. Ok, why not “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen? Ohh God! -.- probably not all the candidates understood that what counts is your interpretation and not the most difficult song you choose!

Lucas sings “Ich laufe” by Tim Bendzko. Finally one who picked a German song! But Dieter doesn’t seem impressed!

18 hours before. Sarah Joelle rehearses her performance “Where Have You Been” by Rihanna.

She has always to act like a bitch, oh wait she is it! -.- Horrible make up + monkey dance. NO COMMENT!

Tim instead chooses “Sailing” by Rod Stewart. It’s such hard song and he interpreted soo good! BRAVO!

Lisa sings on her fav singer P!nk “Nobody Knows” but it’s def a NO. I didn’t like her! Off key for the most part!

Timo performs on “Angel” by Robbie Williams. Bill chose this song during Star Search auditions aww. Tom compliments with the boy and so Bill!

Talina surprises Tom and the all jury singing “Son Of A Preacher Man” by Joss Stone and not only for the song choice, but for the vocals and the outfits.

Ricardo instead sings on “Lost” by Michael Buble.

We are arrived at the decision’s day for this first part of candidates.

For Ricardo finally the dream comes true, he went through the live show and Tom tells Susan she’s in too. Aww I’m so happy!

Unfortunately for Bojan he has to leave 🙁 poor boy! Best moment ever: Bill and Tom embrace him *_*

Also for Lucas, Oksana and Kevin the journey ends here!

Erwin thought the same happen to him but instead he went through live show even though his last performance completely sucked! Bah…

Timo, Sarah Joelle, Talina, Simone, Lisa and Tim get live show too! Ok Sarah Joelle is for the ratings, I know it!

Coming back to the last performances…

Beatrice sings on “Hundert Prozent” by Helene Fisher while Piero on “Ai Se Eu Tie Pego”. NOOOOOOOO! There are tons of amazing songs and I can’t believe this is his fav! And maybe for this reason his journey ends here while Beatrice went through live show. Only a schlager singer has a place in live shows.

Fairuz sings, ok tries to, on “Ignorance” by Paramore. She’s off key, she forgets the words. Obviously she begs the jury as her usual, damn! But Dieter greets her, she leaves crying but Bill is too much good and talk to her, she has a second chance. I didn’t know she is the new Virgin Mary or something… But also this time for me the performance was so bad: no breathe, off key, totally horrible!

But who knows why she went through live show, ok Sarah Joelle needs a right-hand woman!

Maurice also get the live show, damn as Dieter talked it seems he didn’t!

Nora and Jennifer arrives in front of the judges, it’s their time. Poor Nora is already crying, she’s really nervous!

Dieter says Jennifer her voice is a God’s gift and she has an awesome vocal but she needs to concentrate more; Mateo says Nora she’s entertaining, her voice is good but not awesome.

Unfortunately there’s place also for one of them and this is Nora. Bye bye Jennifer. I’m so sorry, she was one of my favs too!

Now it starts a really bad fight between Nora, Jennifer and Maurice. The two girls accuse the boy to manipulate the others!

Ricardo, Susan, Erwin, Tim, Timo, Beatrice, Maurice & Nora are the DSDS Top 8

Lisa, Talina, Simone, Bjoern, Sarah Joelle, Fairuz need your help. Vote for your favorite and the two candidates with the highest votes will be part of the Top 10.

Definitely Simone and Bjoern have to pass!

What do you think about the judges choice?

Which’s your favorite?