When the dreams come true. News about Outcast Youth

Hey Buzzneters!!!

If you read my blog you know that I’m fan of the Outcast Youth from Liverpool in England. I think that thanks Outcast Youth we have in music something special. You know that many artists is just about money and scandals. But the Outcast Youth not and it counts in today’s crazy world.

So, so…to know more about Outcast Youth read my last blog: HERE

And some news!!!!

During coming weeks you will can to hear on Team Outcast Youth new song.

Team Outcast Youth it “Private group for those who wish to help out with promoting/supporting Outcast Youth in exchange for free downloads/give aways etc. If you’re interested apply to join!”

Click HERE to join

And right now you can joing to Dream On(OCY Support Group): HERE

And it’s a “support group for fans of Outcast Youth. Not a counselling service just a safe place for fans to chat and share.”