Disney’s Oz The Great And Powerful Is A 3D Wonder

When I think of “OZ”, I think of a land somewhere over the rainbow filled with the good, the wicked, unity, betrayal and of course ruby red slippers. It is a place where everyone can go to face our fears and conquer the demons that try to stop us, while making new friends made of tin, learning life lessons and floating in bubbles. It is a perfect mix of reality and this magical fantasy land.

I had the pleasure of attending the advanced screening of Oz The Great And Powerful on Monday March 4th and was captivated by the wonder that Disney so perfectly presented. The movie is inspired by L. Frank Baum‘s 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. I feel like it answered all of my questions on how Oz became Oz and let me see just how all the characters were intertwined.

The film stars James Franco (le sigh) as Oscar Diggs, otherwise known as The Wizard Of Oz. It also stars the lovely ladies; Mila Kunis as Theodora, Michelle Williams as Glinda and Rachel Weisz as Evanora. They all fit their characters so well you forget they’re not actually magical wizards and witches.

Aside from the acting, the characters’ costumes were gorgeous and the prosthetics were extremely realistic! From the evil flying monkeys and the eery Dark Forest to the bright yellow brick road and cheerful munchkins led by Glinda’s goodness…you really felt like you were in Oz.

Even if you’re not one to enjoy magical movies likeWicked or even The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, I feel like you will absolutely enjoy this film. Oz The Great And Powerful takes this amazing plot to a new level, a 3D level might I add, but still holds on to the roots of this well-known tale.

Now grab your best friends and loved ones and a pair of 3D glasses and go get lost in a land of magic…and hey if you aren’t as in love with this movie as I am…just click your heels three times.

Oz The Great And Powerful premiers today on March 8th at a theatre near you!

What are your thoughts on 3D movies, are you planning to go see this movie?