Dave Grohl Was On My Flight To SXSW And It Got Me Thinking

I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about my time in Austin for SXSW, but I promise – this is my last post. I had to share this last anecdote about my trip for all my fellow music nerds.

Dave Grohl was on my flight to Austin, TX.

I repeat, Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters and all around modern music badass) was on my flight to SXSW. Dave’s SXSW plans included playing with super group Sound City Players and was invited to be the festival’s Keynote speaker — and we were on the same commercial flight.

I first noticed Dave as a large group approached the gate about 10 minuets before boarding. Dave had a huge smile on his face waving to a few people who had notice him. My reaction was so just smile and laugh with myself — staring at him like a small child who has just spotted Mickey Mouse for the first time at Disneyland. It was embarrassing how outwardly excited I was. Then as we all boarded the plane I had to walk past him (naturally he was in first class) and caught eyes with his wife and just smiled – she kindly smiled back.

As I sat down in my seat, much further back on the plane, I had a few thoughts about Dave’s presence on the flight to one of the US’s biggest music festivals.

First and foremost, would he would reenact a few scenes from the “Learn To Fly” video? Was Tenacious D going to make an appearance? Was Dave going to lead the safety instructions?

Didn’t happen.

Then I had a few sentimental thoughts. Obviously everyone on the plane knew who he was. We were on a flight filled with people heading to Austin to enjoy several days of live music. Whether they were music fans, musicians themselves or just people in the industry, Dave was a palpable presence. And not because he made a scene, he was just DAVE GROHL. It’s not as if he was on a plane of passangers heading to a high school cheerleading convention. He must have realized that EVERYONE on that flight knew exactly who he was and have been impacted by what he has contributed to music for the past 25 plus years.

I was on the plane as a journalist (and music fan), but imagine boarding the flight as an aspiring musician — seeing Mr. Grohl as you trek to play as many shows as you can, hoping to catch some attention. To see Dave just as happy and excited as you are to visit the festival. Must be a sign you’re doing something right. It was a very inspiring way to start my trip to say the least. And don’t worry; he didn’t have to land the plane. #musicrules.

And for anyone unfamilar with the “Learn To Fly” video, check it out here. It’s a classic.

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.