Cyber Bullying Touchs Everyone

“I got cyberbullied on my main blog. The only reason I am letting it get to me is that it also hurt my lovely boyfriend. I want to cut.

I can’t tell you not to bully, because no one will listen. I can only tell you to be prepared for the consequences. Do you really want someone’s life to end because of your actions?”

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The development of technology had huge influence on our lives. Many discoveries made our lives easier and helped to save many people. The use of new technologies is a normal but carries many risks too. The most popular it cyber bullying, pedophilia, hacking or pornography. Always when we use the Internet we should to be careful. Everything what we publishing will live own life and will not be forgotten.

Presence brought new type of the suffering. A few decades ago, the people fought about peace and independence. The world wars changed the way of thinking new generations. But, where was born freedom, there last year’s brought cyber bullying.

The victim is everyone. The color of skin, sex, age, sexual preference or it where you are isn’t important. For millions of the viewers counting just pain and fear. They don’t know that from violence to suicide is only one step. Cameras, phones, Internet are like the sharpest weapon. Used kills slowly.

I can’t accept these things which happening in the virtual world. Evolution had changed a lot in it who we are but we didn’t lose wickedness. The people are like a wild hyenas, which are ready to pounce on weaker victim. Fall into the trap isn’t hard. To raise already not. The herd eliminates „weak” element. This rule should not to be used among the people. Respect, understanding, generosity distinguish us from different animals.

The media everyday signal about cases of the virtual violence. Unfortunately, often is too last to help someone. The closest surroundings is blind. For some bully is just like a joke. But when the “jokes” turn into to harassment or beating is funny?

The changed someone’s life in the hell will make you stronger? For me it’s a crime. It is true that we don’t have to like everyone but we have to treat everyone the same as we want to be treat.

My story. Yes, I was cyber bullied too. Sometimes better is be hide in some places but we don’t know what will bring new day. Saying about it is so hard for me. I know that I’ll remember these words to end of my life. The big fault of the social networking’s, communities, web sites is being anonymous. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. It’s true. If you read my blog it you know that I was bullied.

I feel that it affected on the perception of the events in the virtual world. Many times I heard that I’m a “w*ore”, and were so many words which harmed me, but the most was when I read : “you are too fat”. The part of the comments wasn’t anonymously what was so hard.

The words was saved in my mind, but I’m here. I create the art because I want to help the people which going by it. I know that someone can to say that it just words but I want to keep some things in the secret right now.

Wonderful Buzzmakers: Kerli and Keltie Colleen a few month ago recorded video story about bully. It’s not about cyber bullying but I think that you should to check out it.

Did you thought about the forms of cyber bullying? If not, it thanks CyberBullying Info, I can to show you: anonymity, exclusion, flaming, harassment, masquerading, outing, cyberstalking and pseudonyms.

How cyber bullying influenced at life? If you was bullied it you know how hard is believe in it who we are again, and fight with terrible thoughts. When you hear or read the insults. You see in Internet the videos or photos which was published without your permission and hurt you… often you don’t know what to do.

The first step is isolation. Unfortunately later it evaluates to depression, self-harm, suicide thoughts, eating disorders. In this moment so easy is touch of the bad habits like a drugs, alcohol. Cyber bullying can change it who we are and from this point to tragic events is so close.

Some of us trying to searching help. In Internet is so many videos, blogs where we can to read the stories full of the pain. Trying to show the world own problems in the virtual world help but unfortunately often we are attacked by published own thoughts.

A few months ago was so loud about this girl from Canada, she searched a help, unfortunately she committed suicide.

How to help? If you know that your friend or someone who you knows going by cyber bullying please don’t allow that he/she suffers. Every moment is the best to say stop. At the first your show to your friend support and understanding. He should to know that can to trust you in every situation. When the friend will ready will say to you the hidden feelings so listen.

Every your advice will be helpful. Don’t forget that bully isn’t a joke and treat this topic serious that don’t scared the person which you help. Every your word is important. If this is possible try to contacted with family, teachers of this person. Sometimes contact with the police is needed.

If you need the help don’t wait. Special for you I found the places where you can to receive a help:

a.CyberBully Hotline„ is more than a phone number. It’s a comprehensive, anti-bullying program consisting of an anonymous, two-way reporting system, school-level and student-level reinforcement materials, and a bully prevention Resource Center.” Click HERE or HERE

b.Kids Help Phone(CA)- Click HERE

c. Child Line(UK)- “You can contact ChildLine about anything – no problem is too big or too small. If you’re feeling worried, scared, stressed or just want to talk to someone you can contact ChildLine.

We’re here to offer information and support whenever you need us. We understand that it can be difficult to trust someone and tell them about what is happening or how you are feeling.

We want to help you feel confident when you use ChildLine and show what you can expect from us. You might wonder why things at ChildLine are done a certain way.

This page has a list of some of the most common questions people have asked us about contacting ChildLine. “Click HERE

d. StopCyberbullying “was the first cyberbullying prevention program in North America. Its specially-trained young volunteers design and deliver community programs to help their peers address cyberbullying. StopCyberbullying’s founder, Parry Aftab, calls them her “cyberarmy” empowered to tackle this important issue. These teens and tweens staff their own text messaging support line for other young people, build apps to promote kindness, and provide student peer support in their schools. “Click HERE

Don’t forget that bully can to touch you too. Be careful.