My Chemical Romance, We’ll Miss You But We’ll Carry On

When Fall Out Boy ended their hiatus earlier this year, I was ecstatic. I thought I was witnessing a revival of the noughties “emo-but-don’t-call-us-emo” era. Sadly, the bubble was burst with the news that My Chemical Romance look set to split.

However, the scene will survive.

Although My Chemical Romance technically spent 12 years together, they actually spent a lot of that time apart. Their last album ‘Danger Days…‘ is already over two years old, which itself was released four years after ‘The Black Parade‘. Plenty of bands have broken up and reunited in shorter periods than MCR’s unofficial ‘breaks’. Not that I’m saying they’ll be getting back together soon – or ever.

As My Chemical Romance fans, we already know how to love a band who are not together. Although this latest, and probably last, announcement holds the greater sense of finality. It was “time for it to end” for the band, but it doesn’t have to end for the MCRmy.

As fans, we’ll carry on, we’ll carry on. And as long as there are fans, their memory will carry on.

My Chemical Romance – Goodbye, and good luck! We’ll miss you but we’ll carry on.

Will you miss My Chemical Romance?