Buzznet Storytellers #26 – Baby Buzznets

For this installment of the Buzznet Storytellers, we were supposed to post pictures of us being baby versions of us. I don’t know about you, but I was totes adorbz when I was a bb. When I told the peeps in the office about this assignment, they were all O LOL U GUISE THIS IS ME AS A BB LOL and we were all OOO-ing and AWW-ing for many e mails.

Without further whatever, here are some baby versions of us here at Buzzland:

This is Annie Fox. She’s very sekrits so no baby photos of her exist in nature. She is from Austalia and she is basically our everything. She is also wearing a rugby hat and I am probz the worst for adding that cuz IDEK if she’s ever done a scrum before.
This is Scoggs. She does music things here on Berznert

This is Eavie. She mostly is our Den Mother and she does press and stuff for Berznert

This is Brittany. She does things for the Berzmerkerz.

This is Kate. She herds all the Buzzmakers.

This is Caitlin. She does all the video stuff here.

This is Callina. She does Weekend Updates and is awesome.

Amy was being a bunz and didn’t send me her photo. In fact, she told me to GTFO so now here she is in digital + cats. Oh and Amy does our socials and stuff. She’s hilarz.

UPDATE: Here is Amy being a preshuz angel –

And here’s me. I do stuff with things and that’s about it.

That is all.