Buzznet Original: Hannah Mo’ F’in Flapjacks!

Just this week, I was hanging out with a friend of mine and he told me that it was our other friend’s birthday. I completely forgot. If I’m not reminded of things, I will not think about them until they are right in front of my face, wondering why I forgot about them in the first place. This seems to be a reoccuring theme in my life. It’s like when I saw this photo by HannahMotherF’inFlapjacks:

City Photoshop

When I chanced upon this wonderful work of photoshop magic, I was all “Who created such fine display of awesomeness? Why has this being escaped me like so many things lately?” It was then that I went to Hannah’s page and recalled that she was the Buzzneter that created these marvelous Paramore shoes:

Riot! Gear

Hannah is rather creative. Not only has she done the Riot! shoes, she’s also created some galaxy shoes as well:

We are all made of star stuff.”

While we’re on the subject of Hannah’s ability to create, check out her Katy Perry Costume Get Up:


She can even do a doodle or two:

Frank N. Furter

Oh and look, Hannah and her friends made a Mean Girls Trailer:

I’m sorry WHAT

Yeah. Hannah is kind of amazing. Oh and she’s your next Buzznet Original. Go say nice things to her because she’s rad. The end.

Congrats, Hannah! You’re pretty GROOL!