Buzznet Breakdown 3/10

It is time for this weeks Buzznet Breakdown! Emerging Artist Month started this week so we have tons of new artist that we are falling in love with, be sure to check them all out! Here are our top 10 posts from the week!

10. Youtube Evolution Of: Kellin Quinn

This evolution started with Kellin back in the day doing his solo stuff. It all only got better from there with him joining Sleeping With Sirens. Amazing. Enjoy.

9. The Coveteur Showcases Kelly Osbourne’s Amazing Fashion

We have seen Kelly Osbourne transform into the fashionista she is today! She has grown so much over the years and we can’t help but adore her. The Coveteur recently caught up with her and got a taste of her wonderful wardrobe through some of her favorite pieces. Amazing!

8. Artist Flashback: Paramore

We took it way back to 2002 where it all began. Taking trips down memory lane is fun so we’re going to keep it up! But for now check out Paramore flashbacks.

7. Splattered Trend

Recently the “Splattered Trend” has been spreading it’s way across the magazine stands. There was a feature in Nylon which showcased the splattered trend on pants, shirts, bags and more!

6. Emerging Talents: Actors

In honor of emerging talent month we have founds some of the hottest new actors out there. Whether it’s movie or television, there are always some awesome newbies coming along. Be sure to keep an eye out for these guys!

5. Let’s Talk Music; Demi Lovato ‘Heart Attack’ Lyric Video

We want to hear what YOU think of the video. Take a watch and be sure to check out music gal Sara Scoggs page to comment and talk music!

4. 25 Photos That Will Make You Smile

Here is a preview of this awesomeness we have put together. Go take a look at the other photos if you need a little cheering up or just a good smile!

3. Emerging Talent: Pure Love

One of the artists we featured for Emerging Talent Month! These guys rule so be sure to check them out they are amazing!

2. Rihanna Launching Fashion Line

Rihanna has teamed up with River Island to release her first fashion line. The pieces are sexy and unexpected and very inspired by Rihanna’s signature style. Are you guys excited for this?

1. 50 Dr. Seuss Inspired Tattoos

In honor of Dr Seuss’ birthday last weekend we decided to create a gallery of all Dr Seuss tattoos! Take a look and go comment on your fave!