I can’t be the only person who gets asked all the time why I’m single right? I mean, I’m evening starting to ask myself that question now.

Yes, I’d rather spend my time listening to classic rock on vinyl then going out and meeting boys. Taco Bell is indeed way better than most boys and If I wanna cuddle I should probably get a dog. I guess when I try to date, the timing is always off. Or in most cases the boy is just a player.

I don’t see the point in dating for fun or dating because I NEED a boyfriend.. Ladies, you DO NOT need a boyfriend. What you need is water, food and air. Sure, a boyfriend is nice but its not a life or death situation. Is that what you call Old Fashion (Somebody clarify).

Time is precious and valuable and you should find somebody who understands that. Somebody who knows your worth. This is something I’ve been trying to wrap around my head. Time, Worth and Value. All important things that us girls are. If a guy says, “Lets keep this between you and me” or my personal fav ” don’t tell anyone” he doesn’t know your worth. (Been in that situation way to many times)

I’m sure you’ve sat at home and asked, when is it going to happen. That happening being the right guy. Maybe you’ve never had a boyfriend or you’ve been burned to many times. Maybe you likes a guy but he has a girlfriend or you don’t know where you stand with someone. Breathe… calm down.. If it’s meant to happen it will (I know I hate It). Don’t change your hair cause he likes brunettes or lose weight cause he likes models. BE YOU.

I’m sure you look at your friends relationships and say “Hey, I want that”. It can be yours too, when the timing is right. When you respect yourself, set limits and know your worth.

Who knows when you’ll meet THE ONE. My future husband could be reading this blog right now (Hi, I hope you enjoy quoting movies and adore Prince). I guess as we get older we stress over finding that person. Somebody who we want to have kids with, share tender moments, supports my career, dance around the kitchen to Aerosmith with. It would be less stressful to know that the one you date is getting the time they deserve. All of you.

I heard this over the weekend ” 20 minutes or 20 years somebody will come and swoop you up. Be patient” Maybe not as soon as 20 minutes, I can’t meet him while I’m watching The Amazing Race and eating peanut butter M&M’s in PJ’s… Or can I? God, whoever you belive in, time or fate will bring you the person you’re suppose to spend your life with.

So enjoy being single, unless you find somebody who is worth your time, value and AMAZING personality/heart.