Born and Bred Spring Preview — Hello Comfiest Shirt Ever!

Hi Everyone,

Today…er today-ish (yesterday?) we took this insane overnight drive from Denver to Iowa City. Sleeping in the van, when your van is breaking down like ours and sounds like your driving a go kart, is almost impossible. Basically, the entire tour seemed like they were in rough shape this afternoon. I’m running on a good 2 hours of sleep and I completely resented the sunrise which is supposed to be one of those magical things you get to see when you’re in a touring band crossing the country with your best friends — but the sunrise does not have the same charm as it used to for me. I think the charm wore off after our first overnight drive. OVER IT.

Anyway, at our Denver show our lovely friends in Born & Bred came out. If you don’t know them, they’re a clothing company run by my buddy Nick who’s in the band Bayside. They make awesome boys clothes/accessories and focus on quality and comfort. Their shirts are probably the softest I’ve ever felt. However, B&B never really had much for me since I’m a lady but THEY FINALLY ARE LAUNCHING A GIRLS LINE. And, they were nice enough to bring me a preview of their girl’s shirt which isn’t even out yet.

This is my new favorite shirt by the way. It’s so comfortable and I could probably just live in it. I wore it our show tonight! Below are some pics from my hotel room. Curse the grainy iphone reverse cam, but I don’t really know where the boys in my band are at the moment (and they probably think blogging about fashion is silly anyway).

Born & Bred’s girly line isn’t available yet, but this shirt should be available for purchase in April! What do you think? What would you wear this with? I’m all about the studded leggings right now.