Beauty Tested: BUZZNET Approved! CLEAR Hair + Enter To WIN!

I know y’all are used to hearing from about music, but today I am going to share a new beauty product I have been using over the past month. I got a lot of comments on my hair, so I thought a new shampoo/conditioner would be a good place to start.

For over a month I have been using CLEAR, a new line of hair care products. What caught my attention about this creation was the emphasis on the health of my scalp. I had always practiced focusing on the ends of my hair — but this treatment directed me to concentrate on my scalp’s health. I will let Heidi Klum and the ladies in this commercial explain how it all works.

So, I went to my local Target to pick up the shampoo and conditioner for $13.06. Not bad. Because I color my hair (as you can see), blow dry and curl it — I decided on the ‘Damaged & Color Repair’ line. I was happy with how nice it smelled and seemed to lather well. I had been using the stuff for an entire month and still have plenty to last me for another.

As far as the health of my hair I am not sure much changed. I still have split ends — but remember Heidi said it’s all about my scalp. Well friends my scalp is incredibly shiny and looks great! I noticed my hair had a lot of shine for the first time when I watch back my interview with Vacationer – and that happened only a few days after I started to us it.


All in all I would say it’s not be best choice for someone who is looking to repair damaged ends, but I did give my hair a nice shine and it smells great. I give it a 4/5!

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And yeah I will still end this with — #musicrules.