Artist Spotlight: RadioDriveBy

Today’s Artist Spotlight is shining on emerging artist, RadioDriveBy.

RadioDriveBy is a five- piece pop/punk band from good old Arizona. Why does Arizona have so much musical talent? RadioDriveBy, made up of Trent Clark, Adam Simons, David Glosser, Evan Yuen and Austin Gavin — have shared the stage with tons of acts we all know and love. And after giving them some of my attention over the past week, I think they would make a great opening act for Fall Out Boys’ spring tour; just an idea.

For a visual on these guys, here is their music video for the single, “Desiree.”

As you can see, their music has catchy hooks, strong soaring vocals and memorable melodies. RadioDriveBy are worth giving some attention to this year. Today the band released three new tracks for free (thanks guys!) and each new song has a distinct feel. The new songs were recorded in Los Angeles last year, in Mike Green‘s studio (All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Mayday Parade have all recorded there) with Will McCoy.

The first track, “Tied Up” has a Panic! At The Disco feel, with attention-grabbing guitar riffs and vocals — this one will make you dance and clap your hands. And a fun fact, the song was co-written with Slade Echeverria and Greg Garrity of Anarbor.

Take a listen to my favorite of the three new songs. #musicrules.

You can check out all of their new music here and download it for free! And keep an eye on these guys who plan to have a new record out later this year and tour this spring/summer.

What do you think of RadioDriveBy?

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