All Star Month On Buzznet!

Friends, relations.

As this month comes to an end, we bid a fond farewell to all things Emerging Talent. Our buddy Sara Scoggins steered the mighty bike that was Emerging Talent Month into the land of awesomeness while you all peddled that bike into rainbows.

I know we are all having a case of the sads as we wonder what’s next but fear not, mein Buzznet, for we bring to you:

All Star Month On Buzznet!

Q: But Rich, What is All Star Month?

A: All Star Month is your chance to tell us why you love the things you love. It can be anything that you want to share. Remember that movie you love that maybe no one has ever heard about? Yeah, we want you to tell us why you love it. All your favorite celebs, artists, songs, fashion designers, you name it – we want you to make us fall head over heels for all the things that make your heart beat.

We’re also going to be giving away some amazing prize packs to the biggest fans of, well, I can’t really say yet but it’s going to be

Don’t forget to join our All Star Month Group and use this handy tag when creating your works d’ arte:

Let’s see what you’ve got! Get hopping!

Happy All Star Month!