18 Animals Having A Better Spring Break Than You


It’s SPRANG BRAK! Rather than look at BFFs holding each other’s hair back as they rid themselves of all the mai tai’s they had at Papa’s & Beer, we’re going to look at the next best thing: ANIMALS ON SPRING BREAK!

Before we go anywhere, we have to make sure our swim suits are looking fetch:

Now, we have to get ourselves to whereever we are going like so:

Once we get to wherever we are going, it’s time lay out:

Remember to scope out the scene once you get there:

Claim a spot:

Get your Chillsville on:

Check out your surroundings (again):

Check out some bapes on the waves:

Enter a contest or two:

Drinking contest:

Easy bro:

Once you’re full of liquid courage, you can offend your host country by being, well, “that guy:”

But don’t be that guy too long or else:

Have fun out there, y’all! TTFN!