Would You Get Aboard The Titanic II?

Today in ‘Just Because We Can So We Will News’: a billionaire that looks nothing like the Daddy Warbucks that I envisioned unveiled plans to build a replica ship of the ill-fated Titanic.

Clive Palmer, Billionaire Guy

Let us question whether or not the soon to be built Titanic II will sink or stay afloat. Many have pointed out that once the initial “OMG I HAVE TO RIDE THAT FLOATING BEHEMOTH” novelty wears off, there won’t be much business for said ship other than hosting Steampunks At Sea Soirees.

Future scourge of the high seas?

According to the Internet, you don’t name ships after ones that have been lost at sea. I suppose that in all the planning and whatnot that may have been overlooked. Many people are crying to the sky that this is an outrage to the memory of the 1,500 lives lost at sea so many years ago.

All I can think about when trying to imagine a trip aboard the T2 (omg Skynet ship) is this:

Will Celine play a few dates during the maiden voyage?

Maybe it will be fun but I mean, we all know what happened in the end

What the ship will have:

  • Gymnasium
  • Turkish Baths

What the ship won’t have:

  • TV
  • Internets

That’s right folks, you won’t be unable to watch your stories nor will you be able to update your Facebook statuses as you float across the boring and scary ass ocean. I go on vacation to laze about and catch up on all the TV I’ve missed. I might be doing vacation wrong. Who knows. Don’t judge me.

So what do you think about all of this? Is this disrespectful to the memory of the original Titanic?

Would you want to climb aboard the Titanic II?